Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Treehouses of Cad Goddeu

Audio accompaniment for this post provided by Robin Williamson from his magnificent (and out of print) 1981 album Songs of Love and Parting (on Flying Fish Records). The song is Gwydion's Dream and you can hear it here. Gwydion was a magician in Welsh Mythology and appears in the poem Cad Goddeu, which appears in the ancient Welsh manuscript, The Book of Taliesin (also the name of an awesome Deep Purple record my sweetie gave me for Christmas). In the Poem, Gwydion brings the trees to life to fight as his army.


Ian said...

robin williamson of the Incredible String Band? I have a few of his albums (on vine-yeel). Hey you should replace these houses with hats. Then send it to me, and I will get it tatooed.

Celestial Elf said...

Robin Williamson has totally inspired me in my version of
Taliesin's Battle Of The Trees, as a machinima film,
Bright Blessings By Stone and Star,
Celestial Elf ~