Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Yuri Norstein or Yuri Norshtein (born September 15, 1941) is an award-winning Russian animator best known for his animated shorts, Hedgehog in the Fog and Tale of Tales. Since 1981 he has been working on a feature film called The Overcoat, based on the short story by Nikolai Gogol of the same name.
Jan Švankmajer (born 4 September 1934, Prague) is a Czech surrealist artist. His work spans several media. He is known for his surreal animations and features, which have greatly influenced other artists such as Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, The Brothers Quay and many others.


amanda said...

How much for this one? Or can I commission you to do draw my favorite animators

T dog said...

That Norstein gentleman came to give a presentation when I was at RISD. Some one asked him about computer animation and he held up his tweezers that he uses to manipulate his cut-outs and said, "THIS is my computer."