Monday, August 31, 2009

False Proof at the Kirkland Arts Center

I will be participating in a group show at the Kirkland Arts Center called False Proof(curated by Cable Griffith). The people at City Arts were nice and put this painted linocut I did for the show on the cover of the magazine. The opening night will be September 10th and it will be up until October. I have created an entire room full of ephemera, skeletons, creatures, teeth, records, books, maps, listening devices, film, projections, slides, transparencies, cameras, prints, posters, charts, graphs, illustrations, paintings, harpoons, scrimshaw, pipes, instruments and possibly a short documentary all about my search for and obsession with the Elliot Bay Sea Beast. Or the Devilfish of the Northwest. Or the Creature Science Forgot.
Kirkland Arts Center is at 620 Market Street Kirkland, WA


ian said...

did you design the cover art there?

D. Christie said...


Anonymous said...

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