Wednesday, April 13, 2011

C.F. Martin, Luthier

From wikipedia:
Christian Frederick Martin, Sr. (German: Christian Friedrich Martin I.; January 31, 1796 – February 16, 1873) was a luthier who specialized in guitars.
Born in Markneukirchen, Germany to a family of cabinet makers, Martin became an apprentice of the guitar maker Johann Georg Stauffer of Vienna, Austria.[1]
As a result of a dispute between the Cabinet Makers Guild, of which Martin was a member, and the Violin Makers Guild, Martin moved to the United States in 1833. On arriving in New York City , he set up shop at 196 Hudson Street on the Lower West Side. Martin’s first workshop housed a small production setup in the back room, and a retail music store up front. This shop was the forerunner of C. F. Martin & Company, which is still family-owned and operated, whose current CEO is CF Martin's great-great-great grandson, CF Martin IV as of 2007.

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