Thursday, November 11, 2010

Albert In The Hay

Engraved on a piece of maple given to me by the great Carl Montford of the Montford Press. I engraved a second block for the clouds and the white of his shirt- but it didnt look right. Perhaps I will try it again with a different white ink.


Spencer Thun said...

This is awesome. Is it from Days of Heaven?

D. Christie said...

I thought that when I was doing it too and I knew that was what everyone would think- but it's actually from a photograph I took of a photograph in the Skagit County Museum in La Conner, up on the rocky hill overlooking the town. It's a cool little museum but your not allowed to take pictures- so I surreptitiously snapped that one...and many others- they even have a homemade wooden banjo- with wooden pot. Highly recommended, then eat at the Nell Thorn a few blocks away- I ate a pasta with a ton of miniature octopus and other great stuff in it!