Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Democracy For the Cartoons Radio Show! First Episode (click here)

The radio show has it's own home now. Here is the link:

song list:
Johnny's Melody- Kurt Weill
Whispering Thunder- Jeffrey Cain
Oh Lord I'm Your Child- Otis Brothers
China Nights - Dick Curless
Goodbye Old Paint- Roger Welsch
Goodnight Irene- Joseph Spence
Love is Love - Alemayno Eshintay
Johnson City- Mike Seeger
Squid-Jiggin' Ground- Alan Mills
Vals Fantasma- Alejandro Jodorowsky?


ET said...

Look out for a forthcoming transmission from rival radio personality Ernest Tender! Up to snuff? These songs are for fairies! Wait till i firebomb you with bigband music.. music with class and style! Music for people with manners!


D. Christie said...

I had a feeling Ernest Tender would hunt me down and try and ruin my radio show- Ernest, you my friend are the one with no class! Sure, you have a fancy automobile, nice shoes and women draped over you like rare furs, but you and your big band music can- i won't even say it. I wont sink to your level.