Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Excelsior Six

New Invention: The Excelsior Six - a camera that produces an ink drawing onto aged paper set in a small frame. Made from scrap parts from a film enlarger which was converted into an animation stand. I started out building a camera to take Daguerreotype pictures but decided that the process in which the image is exposed directly onto a mirror-polished surface of silver bearing a coating of silver halide particles deposited by iodine vapor seemed too complicated. And I've always wanted a camera that would take drawings of things- since photographs can get so boring.
Drawings from the camera to come soon.
Photos by Kent Colony (my official photographer)


Anonymous said...

check out those baby blues. you look like a golden angel in those shots. have you thought of male modeling? i can really write whatever i want in this comment bc i don't think you'll publish it. i like the clamp lite. did you write the excelsior six logo on the camera in white out? ok, gotta fly. jw

ian picco said...

this is amazing. you look like a young oil mogul in that last picture.

ian picco said...

oh, and you asshole! thanks for not coming to my performance.

Landry_kabul said...

your time machine sounds like a lot of fun. Awesome idea !