Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Literanicon 6 (a useless invention)

I just found out last night that Herman Melville's Billy Budd, is in the public domain, along with all of Poe's stories. At about this same time, I decided I wanted to do an animation on the pages of a paperback book. The pages are already laid out, numbered in order for you! So i invented the Literanicon 6, a contraption that resembles a magnifying glass atop a solid state organ. It animates a very abridged version of the book you insert into it. However, the book is then permanently drawn on after that. But it will be helpful for book reports and such.

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Curtis Randolph said...

Hey, Drew, good book covers! Hey, listen, you wanted a miniature piano, right? Well, around campus I found these "toy piano tokens" which, apparently, are redemable for a toy piano at last word books. For twenty tokens you can get this vintage 1960's toy piano thing. Me and some friends looked around campus for fun and we found 13 tokens, which you can have since I have no real desire for a toy piano. I'm just telling you to keep a look out for these if you still want one. We found them on billboards, and apparently you can find them in vending machines. Check out for more info. Any way, see you later.